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Your 3-In-1 Loan Management Software:
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Are you a bank, credit union, mortgage banker, mortgage broker, or any other lending institution looking for a single software system to handle your all of your loan origination needs? Your technology plays a big part in what separates you from the rest of the pack—to close more loans in less time and at less cost. You need loan origination software with:

1) Comprehensive functionality that’s being continually updated, enabling you to proactively meet your markets’ demands, especially as the complexity of mortgage loans, consumer loans, and commercial loans keep escalating.

2) Destiny: Flexibility to be configured and customized to quickly and precisely conform to your own lending business, now and into the future.

3) Reasonable pricing, regardless of your size or type of lending business.

4) DestinyXpress: Your Software as a Service (Saas) Solution.

That’s Destiny... from INTEGRA Software systems... since 1996.
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