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What our clients have to say about INTEGRA and their Destiny loan software

One of the best ways for you to find out more about INTEGRA and our Destiny mortgage loan origination software, is to hear what several representative customers have to say in the following Testimonials and Customer Stories.

“Mid-size mortgage companies, in particular, need to embrace technology without having to develop their own software system or buy the most expensive and complex software available.” Now is the time to make a change—and not in an up cycle when you just don’t have the time or resources to handle such a major LOS integration—that is, if you plan on being around in five to ten years. Cost and efficiency will be even more critical down the road. The way to reduce the cost of origination and streamline your business processes is only going to happen through better technology.”

“When we purchased Destiny we knew that a boom was coming in the industry and that others in our market would not be able to compete without equal technology. Gateway needed the flexibility for customization, and everything had to be integrated in one system from our pipeline to secondary marketing. INTEGRA gave us that...and more.” Read more
Regina Lowrie, Chairman, Mortgage Bankers Association (2006) and former CEO of Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services (and now CEO of RML Investments)

“INTEGRA’s product validation and product comparison functionality sharpened our abilities and improved the accuracy of processing every loan at each step in the process—and made it a lot easier for our loan officers. Lots of manual steps have been eliminated with Destiny. It was a leap from our previous system, but once we got the hang of it, there’s no question Destiny enables every individual to close more loans in less time.” Read more
Brian Coleman, VP of Sales
Union National Mortgage

�We tend to be proactive versus reactive to the market. So is INTEGRA. They have a really good sense of what our priorities are, and their people are a real asset to our business. The INTEGRA tech support is very responsive, and they are always available if we have any issue. Everyone from our receptionist to President can and does use Destiny. Our President is an avid user—especially of Destiny�s reporting�to quickly monitor virtually anything he wants in our business. INTEGRA is an essential part of our lending business, and we highly recommend them to other lenders.� Read more
Karen Weiland, Operations Manager
First Equit

�The benefits of INTEGRA's Destiny were immediate, and it was a good thing Valley switched systems when we did. With interest rates already dropping, and the mortgage industry really starting to take off�our business needed to be ready to ramp up quickly. Without Destiny�s bullet-proof reliability to help us handle our record volume, the boom years would have a lot more challenging to say the least. In hindsight, INTEGRA really paid off during the �Re-Fi� mania, especially 2002-2004. Now, we�ve actually got some time to learn more about the other new things Destiny can do, and we�re involved in some new Destiny custom enhancements. So we�ll be sure that we�re ready for that next major up tick in the industry.� Read more
Al Engel, Executive Vice President
Valley National Bank

�We like the fact that we can do our own in-house custom work, but we�ve also asked INTEGRA to do a number of custom projects involving such things as enhanced security features, additions to the interim servicing, and a new lock screen that was specifically designed for our business.� Read more
Stuart Smith, Manager of Software Development
K. Hovnanian American Mortgage

�We�ve learned a lot from other INTEGRA clients, and it really helps us all to weigh in together and influence INTEGRA�s development priorities. INTEGRA has a very capable staff, and they are very open to clients and our needs.� Read more
Charlotte Schrick, AVP of Secondary Marketing
Bank of Blue Valley


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