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Bank of Blue Valley

an INTEGRA loan origination software client since 2005

Bank of Blue Valley was founded 1989 as a locally-owned, locally-managed community bank. Bank of Blue Valley has experienced significant internal growth since its inception, and its lending activities focus on commercial lending and residential mortgage origination services as well as consumer lending, including an Internet division,®. As of 2005, Bank of Blue Valley has five retail locations throughout Kansas.

Bank of Blue Valley, an INTEGRA client since early 2005, uses the system to originate, process, underwrite, and fund mortgage loans and offers virtually all main products: conventional, sub-prime, government, etc. in a retail environment.

Charlotte Schrick, AVP of Secondary Marketing, says that her organization needed a product with more functionality and flexibility than their previous LOS—and so they chose INTEGRA. “We really like the DestinyProduct Manager ” functionality to validate data with. That’s very valuable and definitely sets Destiny apart from other systems. We get a majority of our leads via Lending Tree, and we’re excited about the new interface that INTEGRA has provided to send lead information directly into Destiny from Lending Tree. We also like that fact that we can do some of our own customization in-house and have a dedicated programmer to make other changes that we need.”

Ms. Schrick adds, “It’s always hard for people to change from another system, but once our loan officers got beyond the initial learning curve, they really like what Destiny offers to facilitate getting loans from lead to close and post closing.”

She is very impressed by INTEGRA’s initiative to encourage customer input and communication with its User Group and online Forum, and says, “We’ve learned a lot from other INTEGRA clients, and it really helps us all to weigh in together and influence INTEGRA’s development priorities. INTEGRA has a very capable staff, and they are very open to clients and our needs.”


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