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Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services

an INTEGRA loan origination software client since 2001

With headquarters in Horsham PA, Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services, L.P. is a full service mortgage banker offering a diverse retail and wholesale mortgage product portfolio including: mortgage loans, home equity loans, government loans and home improvement loans, web originations, etc—in particular targeting low and moderate income buyers and first time homebuyers. Established in July 1994, Gateway Funding has grown to become one of the largest privately-held mortgage companies in the United States and is licensed in 42 states. In 2005 Gateway employed over 700 people and realized $100 million in revenues on $3.5 billion in residential mortgage loans.

Regina Lowrie, CMB, current Chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association (2006), and past CEO of Gateway (and now President and CEO of RML Investments Inc), says, “Mid-size mortgage companies, in particular, need to embrace technology without having to develop their own software system or necessarily buying the most expensive and complex software available.” Asked if this is good time —while the mortgage loan business has fallen off—for lenders to consider switching their LOS if it’s really not doing the job or likely won’t in the future. Ms. Lowrie says, “Now is the time to make a change—and not in an up cycle when you just don’t have the time or resources to handle such a major integration—that is, if you plan on being around in five to ten years. Cost and efficiency will be even more critical down the road. The way to reduce the cost of origination and streamline your business processes is only going to happen through better technology.”

After doing a thorough review of leading mortgage software companies, Gateway became an early INTEGRA client. Says Ms. Lowrie, “When we purchased INTEGRA we knew that a boom was coming in the industry and that others in our market would not be able to compete without equal technology. Gateway needed the flexibility for customization, and everything had to be integrated in one system from our pipeline to secondary marketing. INTEGRA gave us that...and more.”

Ms. Lowrie adds, “The way to become more competitive for Gateway, especially in the Alt-A market, was being able to give pre-approvals faster in acquiring new clients. INTEGRA’s Product Server part of Destiny let us define our own product parameters and pricing—and let us eliminate a lot of risk and time in originating loans.”

“As a decentralized company Gateway needed POS functionality that enabled all branches to process and close loans while networking to the home office, and Destiny provided that and more, including important features to control security levels based on the individuals handling a loan and the many steps in the origination process. In terms of decentralization, process flow, and security INTEGRA enabled Gateway to have the flexibility that we needed to mold the technology to our business processes. No question there were challenges, but INTEGRA’s support team has always been excellent in providing any help needed. Although it’s very difficult to measure ROI for any LOS system or a specific feature, I absolutely believe that INTEGRA helped reduce Gateway’s costs.”


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