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K Hovnanian® American Mortgage

an INTEGRA loan origination software client since 2001

K Hovnanian® American Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of K. Hovnanian® Founded in 1959, Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. designs, constructs and markets a variety of new homes in more than 367 residential communities in 17 states. K Hovnanian ranks among the largest homebuilding companies in the U.S., with total revenues of $5.3 billion on 17,783 home deliveries in fiscal 2005. K Hovnanian American Mortgage has grown very rapidly from 2000 to 2006, and the company now has 200+ Destiny users in multiple locations across the country.

Says Stuart Smith, Manager of Software Development for K Hovnanian, “Several years ago, we became a user of Destiny because we believed in what the product could become given the principals of the firm. INTEGRA has made huge strides since then and added a lot of great features and functionality over the years.”

Adds Mr. Smith, “If we have any difficulty at all INTEGRA works with us to take care of it. We like the fact that we can do our own in-house custom work, but we’ve also asked INTEGRA to do a number of custom projects involving such things as enhanced security features, additions to the interim servicing, and a new lock screen that was specifically designed for our business.”

Mr. Smith summarizes K Hovnanian’s experience with INTEGRA, “They are a great bunch of people who are easy to work with. And with their track record, you can’t ask for a lot more.”


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