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Molton, Allen and Williams (Harbourton Mortgage Investment Company)

an INTEGRA loan origination software client since 2003

Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Molton, Allen and Williams (MAW) is a privately held mortgage banking company based in Fairfax, VA.  For over 100 years, MAW’s mission has been to provide various financing tools to mortgage brokers and lenders, which will enable them to provide the best home financing for the American consumer. More than 99% of the company’s mortgage business is wholesale versus retail. Molton, Allen and Williams merged with Harbourton Mortgage Investment Company Sept 1, 2006).

As a wholesale mortgage banker, MAW has been using Destiny for processing, underwriting, and closing loans, in addition to document generation, funding, and reporting. for over three years. According to Rachel Hauck-Oldham, Business Systems Analyst, MAW admires the integrity of the company, the people of INTEGRA and their Destiny product which has become central to MAW’s loan processing since 2003. Ms. Hauck says, “We love the fact that Destiny is easily customizable and that we know there is the flexibility to rely on INTEGRA to do any customizing that we need if our IT staff is busy. Primarily, though, we like the honesty of the INTEGRA people and the fact that they always try hard to do the right thing for us—and I think, all other customers, as well.. With INTEGRA we continue to get steady improvement, especially in the areas of QC and tracking version controls. And each release—which does not cost us anything more--keeps getter better and better.”

Adds Ms. Hauck, “As Chairperson, I’ve helped push hard for a truly active INTEGRA User Group, and INTEGRA has been very receptive. Now, with our monthly conference call meetings and online Forum, INTEGRA clients can communicate easily as a group. We’ve been discussing the latest releases, potential bugs, etc. as well as lobbying for key enhancements that are beneficial to the most clients so that there will be less need for individual customization in those areas. It’s working very well, and we’ve developed a true community of people with the same interest.”


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