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ResMAE Mortgage Corporation

an INTEGRA loan origination software client since 2002

ResMAE Mortgage Corporation, a subsidiary of ResMAE Financial Corporation, is a specialty finance company engaged in the business of originating, selling, and servicing subprime residential mortgage loans. Established in 2003, ResMAE serves the needs of borrowers who do not conform to traditional “A” credit lending criteria due to credit history, debt to income ratios, or other factors. ResMAE continues its commitment to customer service with regional processing centers nationwide, including Northern and Southern California, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and Hawaii and approximately 1000 employees

Says Christopher Lappi, ResMAE’s EVP & CIO, “We picked INTEGRA because of the combination of price and flexibility. We probably use Destiny unlike any other INTEGRA client and really like the flexibility that this tool has provided for our sub-prime business. It enables us to do the great majority of our customization in-house. In particular, the Destiny web piece has been very valuable in us developing our own mortgage broker portal that we call “TotalAccesss.” TotalAccess, ResMAE’s suite of online broker services, propels loan origination and broker pipeline management into the future with real-time loan submission, tracking, and response.

Adds Mr. Lappi, “We’ve really pushed the envelope with INTEGRA, and to their credit, many of those additions have ended up in Destiny releases for other clients as well. INTEGRA has continued to improve their services over the past three years that we’ve used Destiny. They are great partners, they listen, they always strive to understand our particular mortgage business.”


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