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Union National Mortgage

an INTEGRA loan origination software client since 2005

Union National Mortgage is a mortgage banker catering primarily to the real estate community and has 14 offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Currently the company has approximately 60 loan officers who all use INTEGRA’s Destiny and 20-30 support staff. Says George Chapin, VP of Technology, “We thought that the combination of features and price made INTEGRA the right LOS choice for Union National. And we needed a system that we could customize to how we handle loans.”

Mr. Chapin says, “Initially, we probably underestimated the breadth and power of the system. It was a major change from our previous LOS that had very limited loan origination capabilities. But after working with the INTEGRA staff we truly understood all of the different ways that Destiny could facilitate our mortgage loan processes. The Integra staff is easy to work with and does a great job in quickly helping us to configure our system and customize some of the other things we need as well.”

“Our loan officers are really sophisticated and most can individually handle underwriting, too. Destiny has excellent security and validation checks unlike our old system. The DU and credit interfaces are fantastic. It’s simply a much better system than we had before. Our loan officers are big advocates of Destiny.”

Brian Coleman, VP of Sales for Union National Mortgage, adds, “Converting software systems that are central to one’s business is always bumpy. After working with the INTEGRA staff, we better understood that we had bought a really wonderful system. In particular, Destiny’s product validation and product comparison functionality has sharpened our abilities and improved the accuracy of processing every loan at each step in the process—and made it a lot easier for our loan officers. Lots of manual steps have been eliminated with Destiny. It was a leap from our previous system, but once we got the hang of it, there’s no question it enables every individual to close more loans in less time.

“Everyone’s very positive about the big change in LOS software, and unlike our previous system, we all say, “INTEGRA works.”


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