"When we purchased Destiny we knew that a boom was coming in the industry and that others in our market would not be able to compete without equal technology. Gateway needed the flexibility for customization, and everything had to be integrated in one system from our pipeline to secondary marketing. INTEGRA gave us that...and more."
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Regina Lowrie, Chairman, Mortgage Bankers Association (2006) and former CEO of Gateway Funding Diver


INTEGRA'S Better Way…

When Jerry Pratt and Rick Allen started INTEGRA Software Systems in 1996, there were already several large competitors in the loan origination software industry. Many lenders across the country, though, were frustrated with their poorly performing and/or costly, difficult-to-use loan origination software products. INTEGRA principals were already veterans of the loan origination software business, and they knew that there was a better way— to make integrity with customers as paramount—and hence the company’s name: INTEGRA.

INTEGRA’s primary objective was to develop ONE comprehensive loan origination system that:Loan Origination System

1) Includes a broad range of up-to-date loan origination functionality
2) Is customizable to meet customers' needs
3) Can be easily implemented
4) Is user friendly for operation by people at all levels of a lending business and
5) Is reliable

INTEGRA Customer Service—Walking the Walk

Unlike many of competitors, INTEGRA places clients first in every aspect of the business, We don’t just talk the talk about clients. We firmly believe that our success over the past decade has been dependent on how well we have partnered with our clients. That includes listening to each of them via:

1) Ongoing Destiny application implementations, training and software development projects
2) Our Client Advocates—an experienced INTEGRA staff member is assigned to each client as a primary contact and stays in touch at on a regular basis.
3) The INTEGRA Forum that enables clients to interact online with other INTEGRA clients and staff–to get the most out of their own Destiny system.
4) Our 3-day Annual Users' Conference.
5) Our Users' Group (formed in 2006) that includes client and INTEGRA representatives who discuss priority issues on a monthly basis.

All of these avenues and others keep us in touch with our clients—and the industry—and enable us to roll out the best loan origination software we possibly can.

INTEGRA has made hundreds of enhancements to its Destiny product over the years and continues to regularly add features and functionality as requested by its customers. Time after time new customers are pleasantly surprised with the switch to INTEGRA and tell us, "It works like it is supposed to work and like you said it would…unlike other LOS software we’ve used."


The company operates from its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, south of Nashville. We believe that INTEGRA compares favorably with any top, end-to-end loan origination software vendor. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at Destiny and see for yourself. And hear from our customers.

We know that your loan origination system is the key technology component of your business—whether yours is a traditional retail or wholesale lender, a bank, a non-conforming lender, or other lending organization. If you really want to stand out in the lending crowd in your market(s), take a look at Destiny.

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