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1003 Automation

Maximize automated steps and minimize the manual inputs of all 1003 and
related loan data:

“See” both the 1003 and Good-Faith-Estimate on screen just as they look on paper, but input your data electronically.

Here is an example of a 1003 screen in Destiny

Populate the 1003 with information from a prior loan.

Obtain multiple credit reports and merge credit information.

  • Provide instant access to credit information from any interfaces to any EDI ANSI X12, XML, or MISMO standards and merge that information automatically into the Destiny database.
  • Interfaces directly to AIS, CBC, Chase, Credco, Credit Net, Digital Matrix, Equifax Credit Services, Equifax, Proprietary Credit, Factual Data, Fidelity National, Info 1, Synergistic, TransUnion, Landsafe, or any other third party provider.
  • Pull a one, two or three bureau merged report and merge that information.
  • Populate liabilities section of 1003.
  • Perform debt consolidation analysis on the credit data screen.

Pull underwriter findings/conditions and merge information.

  • View underwriter findings and conditions; obtain immediate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac decisions via FNMA Desktop Underwriter and FHLMC Loan Prospector interfaces.
  • Pull underwriting decisions from CountryWide Clues/Clout, RFC AssetWise, and other interfaces as they become available—no re-entering of data and automatic downloads of information upon request.

Communicate electronically with other 3rd party vendors and organizations.

  • Credit Bureaus.
  • Flood Providers.
  • MERS.
  • QuestSoft.
  • And interface with other servicing systems and general ledger systems (customized for each client per service agreement).

Generate all required loan documents.

  • Generate all industry standard disclosures, verifications and supplemental documents via Harland GreatDocs or Wolters Kluwer (formerly VMP).
  • Determine custom documentation sets for attaching to loan programs.
  • Create custom forms and documents, including welcoming letters, thank you letters and commitment letters.
  • Preview any document on-screen or print to any printer, fax or email to anyone in the loan transaction.
  • Perform all calculations for any particular loan, including fees.
  • Insert notes or comments or questions related to a loan.
  • Add an unlimited number of borrowers, assets, liabilities or income sources to a loan.
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