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Benefits: how INTEGRA’s loan origination system can help your mortgage business

Invest less, get more, and realize a faster ROI

It’s all about Return on Investment (ROI). INTEGRA lowers your up front and ongoing license fees. While Destiny is not an inexpensive, commodity-type, “shrink wrapped” LOS (the kind that are suitable for small lenders and/or those offering limited products), it is very favorably priced compared to other “end-to-end” systems that have fewer functions/features. Every INTEGRA client gets the same robust software product—no nickel and diming to purchase additional features X, Y or Z or subsequent product upgrades. Updates and new product versions are included—now, more than 10 years worth. Unlike other vendors INTEGRA calculates their pricing on the number of concurrent users, not total users.

Destiny eliminates licensing and maintenance costs for multiple 3rd party software packages because they are already in Destiny. For example, you can forego expensive “web-enabling” applications like Citrix or Terminal Mainframe (that are also more problematic to maintain). Document Preparation Services become a fraction of their normal costs because they’re included. You don’t need a pricey, separate “contact manager” like Goldmine or Act because that functionality is already built into Destiny.

Although no LOS implementations happen overnight, INTEGRA’s take significantly less time, hence less money, compared to other end-to-end systems. And you’ve got a lot more flexibility to configure what you need yourselves without custom programming. That all adds up to better ROI for your lending business.

Wrap Destiny around your business model—and not the other way around

That is, retain and improve your particular business processes without totally re-engineering how you operate. Unlike others LOS vendors, INTEGRA doesn’t force you to adapt new workflow processes that can be costly and disruptive to your particular mortgage business. Not only can you “mix and match” the Destiny features and functions you need but also configure and customize Destiny to parallel your own processes and business channels within the software. Destiny easily scales to your business as you grow. And with Destiny, when you’re filling a 1003 or Good-Faith-Estimate, what you see on screen looks exactly the same as what you’re familiar with on paper.

Compete more effectively in your market(s)

Regina Lowrie, Chairman of the MBA (2006) and former CEO of Gateway Funding, states “The way to become more competitive for Gateway, especially in the Alt-A market, was being able to give pre-approvals faster in acquiring new clients. INTEGRA’s Product Manager part of Destiny let us define our own product parameters and pricing—and let us eliminate a lot of risk and time in originating loans.”

To compete you need to have a cost effective LOS that enables you to be fast and nimble to create, compare, and manage new products and get pre-approvals validated faster. Only Destiny has a unique Product Manager capability built into the software (instead of a 3rd party). Your Destiny system becomes the best “insurance policy” that you will ever buy for your mortgage business. With the escalating thousands of lending rules and guidelines, state and federal (including Patriot Act regulations), it’s almost impossible to avoid making mistakes and staying in compliance without a sophisticated mortgage origination system like Destiny. A single loan mistake could mean a six-figure loss in the after-market. Why chance the revenue loss or a compliance issue with regulators? Eliminate more risk from your business with INTEGRA’s Destiny.

Hire less new staff, allocate resources more efficiently, and retain your best people

Now it’s easy to cross-train your people to do multiple jobs. You can take a loan from origination to closing faster and with less people—and run your mortgage business lean and mean. Destiny enables your loan officers and others to enter and access mortgage loan information at the point-of-sale, 24/7, from any location: online via your Intranet/Extranet or your web site. Increase your business by providing secure, online access to 3rd party business partners as well.

With INTEGRA’s Destiny, the days of re-keying of data from one application to another to another are gone. Using Destiny’s automatic time-stamping and reporting, you’ll know exactly where your workload is getting bogged down and be able to shift resources as necessary and avoid those backlogs that decrease loan volumes, revenues, and profits with fewer people needed to do the job. By using Destiny to automate your processes and monitor your loan timelines, you can cut substantial time from an initial inquiry call or 3rd party lead to close. And you can use information provided by Destiny to find out where lags occur and then take steps to speed up the process. Most importantly, loan professionals like to use Destiny because it helps them perform better at their respective companies, hence it’s a lot easier to keep your best people.

Secure your data and your client data at all times

Destiny’s security starts with built in/NT authentication and 256 bit encryption. Then you define and control your own security levels at the user, status, screen, and field levels. All Destiny components are completely secure: all data, document delivery, reports, emails and web access. No worries about anyone internally or externally accessing sensitive information that is always part of your LOS.

Partner with mortgage industry experts

Each of the three INTEGRA owners have more than 20 years experience in the mortgage/mortgage software industry: knowledge and experience in the industry that you simply won’t find at other LOS vendors. Because of the critical importance of your loan origination system to your business, ours are structured not as typical vendor-lender relationships but rather as ongoing partner relationships. We think and act always as your partner to help your business stand out in the mortgage industry crowd. Just ask our clients.

Manage not only your residential loans but also consumer and commercial loans in one system

Destiny not only handles your residential lending but also your consumer and commercial lending – and all in one software system. Save time and money with one comprehensive, software lending system.

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