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loan origination for wholesale lenders with broker partners

One of Destiny’s most recent additions is our Broker Portal, an extension of Destiny (and not a third party add- on) for clients with wholesale business channels. The Broker Portal includes the flexibility and controls that enable clients to connect brokers to your business by seamlessly blending to your web site. The Broker Portal includes flexible browser based technology utilizing a combination of Flash, HTML, XML, Web Services, AJAX, etc to allow each INTEGRA client to capture the market in their unique way.

The Broker Portal was designed to allow brokers to maintain their contact information and give authorized employees access and security controls for their internal users. Of course, overall control is still yours. Using Destiny’s Rolodex feature—with a simple Status change—any particular broker can be precluded from using the Portal. Also, they have only access to their specific-client information.

See example screen shots of Destiny’s Broker Portal.
Loan Origination System from INTEGRA

With Destiny’s Broker Portal your broker partners can:

  • View all their loans real-time in flexible/configurable views in the queue; the broker queue displays lock status with color codes based age of lock.
  • Register new loans.
  • Update loan information (through file uploads) based on industry standard FNMA 3.2 and CSV file formats (other formats can be supported).
  • Qualify loans based on your own investor guidelines, real time.
  • Price loans correctly every time using Product Manager, including unique pricing criteria that may be applicable for special broker relationships.
  • Lock loans real time and print lock summary data.
  • Scenario play without disturbing delivered loan criteria.
  • View loan conditions and condition status.
  • Upload documents to satisfy loan conditions.
  • Print any necessary documents.

And you can customize your Broker Portal:

  • Provide any data you desire for your brokers to review.
  • Give your brokers access to your DU or LP embedded system.
  • Provide user definable automated email messages based upon the occurrence of any event such as loan lock-ins, loan approvals, etc.
  • Provide customizable reports and analytics.
Find out more about INTEGRA services to support Broker Portal customization.

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