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Contact Manager

Destiny integrated with Microsoft Outlook: a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM system)

Loan origination systems are all about customer-related loan information. But most LOS systems make a lot of key contact management functions problematic because many manual processes and difficult integration issues often remain. With Destiny, you don’t need ACT or Goldmine or any other contact manager or CRM. Destiny lets you save time and more efficiently process loans—from lead to prequalification to loan—by building in all of the key contact management features that you need into ONE system.

From Destiny to Microsoft Outlook

At INTEGRA we believe that Outlook is THE calendaring/contact manager for managing your contacts, scheduling appointments, and communicating with your colleagues, partners, and prospects—especially when fully integrated with Destiny. And that’s what we’ve done: marry Destiny with Outlook to give you the best mortgage industry Contact Manager available.

You can have any tasks and events in your Destiny workflow automatically show up in Outlook Calendar which you can then view by day, week or month. For example, auto-populate your Outlook calendar with closings that you’ve scheduled in Destiny. You can “see” your Destiny tasks in the Outlook Tasks section e.g. by
  • Simple or Detailed List
  • Active
  • Next 7 days
  • Category
  • Assignment
  • Person Responsible
  • Completed Tasks
  • Task Timeline
See an example screenshot of Outlook populated with tasks and appointments entered via Destiny

You can share your calendar with designated individuals and enable them to do likewise. You can schedule meetings and invite individuals, send reminders, etc. Add when you add a contact to your Destiny “Rolodex,” and it automatically appears in Outlook.

And Vice Versa: from Outlook to Destiny

But Destiny’s Contact Manager is not a one-way street. Make a change in Outlook in a contact, task, meeting, etc., and those changes are automatically populated into Destiny as well. Outlook provides unparalleled contact clarity and flexibility plus excellent visual calendaring and email communications that will enhance your overall CRM capabilities—without having to purchase and integrate other CRM type software yourself. INTEGRA has done it for you. Coupled with Destiny, you’ve got virtually everything you’ll need to track and monitor all of your lending activities and relationships.

And Destiny is automatically integrated with any version of Outlook that you have:
  • Outlook Enterprise
  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express
Find out more about Destiny’s Call Center and Lead Manager functions that also mesh with our overall contact management capabilities.
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