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Consumer Loan Software

part of Destiny’s 3-in-1 loan origination system

Gone are the days of needing separate software packages for originating and managing your mortgage, consumer, and commercial loans. Destiny supports all three loan types in one single software system. With Destiny, each department can still operate autonomously if desired, yet all of the data is available for cross-sell purposes, tracking and reporting. No more importing or exporting and no interfaces to disparate systems – or expensive modifications to your core banking system. Everything is self contained in your MS SQL or Oracle database. This eliminates hours and hours of IT support issues since Destiny becomes your one and only system of record.

Consumer Loan Categories

Just like Mortgage and Commercial Loans, Destiny’s Consumer Loan technology utilizes our unique Product Manager, which gives you the ability to easily create and maintain your own loan programs. Since your lending guidelines are built into the Product Manager, the system will tell the end user which loan products are available for the given loan requests. No more mistakes or missed guideline issues. In fact, any type of guideline can be built from any field or combination of fields, including any custom fields that you want to create.

The following are just some of the categories of Consumer Loans that can be supported in your Destiny system:

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Installment
  • RV
  • Credit Card
  • Payday Loans
  • Installment
  • Single Pay
  • Installment
  • Skip Payment
  • Boat
  • Others

  • Compliance is the Key…

    Compliance is guaranteed through our interface to our document partners. Gone are the days of countless final reviews to make sure that all of the required documents are being presented.

    Loan stipulations and loan covenants are easily tracked and can be auto-defaulted based upon built-in business rules. Just like other business channels in Destiny, you can administer the system from the top down – hence eliminating subjectivity and costly mistakes from the lending process. Your users will be automatically prompted for required information and the work queues will drive their daily activity scheduling.

    Destiny’s Product Manager enables you to setup any loan parameters to meet state, federal (military) or individual lending requirements. As with any other Destiny loan product, you can set minimum and maximum loan amounts. Credit scoring and risk adjusted pricing can also be accommodated, and Destiny supports full tracking and reporting. Any user defined fees can be applied to the loan. While Payday loans seldom utilize A&H or Life credit insurance, you can tie these to the loan if desired.

    From a setups perspective, you can configure Consumer loan interest based upon any of the following:

    Actual Day Type
  • 360
  • Actual Each Day
  • 360
  • Actual
  • Actual No Leap / 360
  • 365
  • Actual - No Leap
  • Actual No Leap / 365
  • 365 / 360
  • Corresponding Day
  • Actual / 360
  • Federal
  • Actual Full Period
  • 360/360

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