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Destiny gives you 3 Levels of Configuration/Customization

1. Free Destiny Custom Updates
2. Configuration
3. Customization

INTEGRA provides you tremendous flexibility, both through “configuration” and “customization” of the Destiny loan origination software. Unlike others, INTEGRA doesn't force you to adapt to new workflow processes that can be costly and disruptive to your particular mortgage business. That is, you don't have to change how you currently operate. Rather, we enable you to “wrap” Destiny around your own business model and processes for any or all of your business channels. That’s because every mortgage business is unique.

To many, customization is a double-edged sword. Nearly every vendor touts that their systems are customizable…but at what cost? You don’t want to customize your installation if it means that you now have a “hybrid release” that isn’t supported any more by your vendor. Also, you don’t want an application that is all customization with little or no foundation to start from. You are in essence building your own application from scratch. INTEGRA provides you the best of both worlds: a robust software foundation plus 3 different levels of configuration/customization to ensure that the system matches your workflow, products, business channels, etc:

1) Free Destiny Custom Updates

By continually incorporating our latest mortgage industry knowledge into Destiny, we provide a feature and function-rich, mortgage origination system to each INTEGRA client. Unlike other software companies that charge extra fees for every new feature/function/module or major product update, INTEGRA doesn’t. And we offer only a single product: Destiny. New features/functions that we roll out to our client base, you receive free—without additional fees. As an INTEGRA client you benefit directly from the custom work requisitioned by other clients, and that happens on a continual basis. You can download updates via our client ftp site—knowing that they are fully supported and kept in compliance.

2) Configuration

Configuration requires neither software programming skills nor anything more than basic training to change your Destiny system—to make your own adjustments to Destiny. Each new Integra client starts with an “out-of-the-box version” of Destiny. It’s pretty much ready to go based upon the standards that other lenders like you deploy. It is through the implementation process that your install is reconfigured to meet your exact needs and any “customized” components are added. We've designed Destiny so that, typically, 75% of most clients' “custom” needs can be easily done at the configuration level—after only some initial Destiny training.

System administrators (or others trained and approved) can easily add and modify data fields, work flows, set-up options, filters, loan programs, fees, and security settings.

3) Customization

Sometimes you may need more substantive additions or modifications to your own Destiny loan origination system: e.g. complex screens, custom fields, custom forms and documents, custom business rules, custom web/html pages, custom interfaces, etc. There are few limits to what you can decide to customize within Destiny.

If you have the IT programming staff and want to make these customizations yourself, INTEGRA provides a standard set of powerful (API) tools that enable your developers to handle the more detailed customization needs that you may have. Unlike our competitors, Integra does not charge you when you do your own customizations. Our customization tools are provided for free, and you only pay for the training. There are no costs for blank pages, extra fields, push buttons, screen controls or many of the other design elements that you will need. Your customizations are limitless and your only cost is that of your own design personnel. Over time, this amounts to a big savings—as other vendors will nickel and dime you to death.

Or if your staff is swamped—or you would simply rather have INTEGRA help you develop and implement other additions to Destiny—we have the experienced mortgage software developers to help in any project. You can even “piggyback” on other ongoing customization projects (that we publish internally) to minimize the costs of customization work that you need.

As mentioned, any custom work done by INTEGRA is fully supported and kept in compliance—and is often then rolled out to the full INTEGRA client base.

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