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Loan Software Originates with Destiny…

INTEGRA’s “3-in-1” Destiny loan origination system spans point-of-sale through post-closing and secondary marketing for lenders interested in efficiencies gained from automating every step of your loan workflow – as well as the workflow for your commercial and other consumer lending. Also, as your business grows and changes, Destiny scales to fit your organization.

Destiny's comprehensive 3-in-1 LOS functionality is fully integrated in ONE product that’s being continually updated as the complex world of lending continues to change. It’s all there in a single, integrated, web-enabled product, and has the flexibility to be configured and customized how you want it. Now Destiny not only manages residential mortgage loans, but also commercial and consumer loans as well.

Plus, we’ve got the experts who will get you trained, implemented, and ensure that your Destiny is configured to do precisely what you need to stand out in your mortgage market(s). And you can count on INTEGRA to be there as your partner if you need further customization for your business.

Destiny is organized into 3 major loan types, each with a wide variety of functions/features. Click on any Destiny loan type below for more detail:

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