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1. The functionality you need at price you can afford. You get all of the most important loan origination software functionality that early stage brokers and lenders need (see below) for a lot less initial investment than it takes for a comprehensive LOS. DestinyXpress is a scaled down version of Destiny, regarded as one of the top loan origination systems on the market today.

2. Timely and Inexpensive. Minimizing time and costs by implementing this Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Access to DestinyXpress is made available through a hosted SSAE16/SOC1 compliant facility right down the street from Integra's Corporate offices. DestinyXpress clients will be closing loans within 2 months of signing up with Integra.

3. Effortless transition to Destiny. As you build your business model, we grow with you since everything will be on the same database and with the same vendor, INTEGRA – with our 18 year track record.

  1. There are no data conversions or exports that you will have to go through when you are ready to ramp up to the fully functional Destiny system.
  2. Many times most of the loan data is lost when converting from a “starter” system and certainly all of the setup information like contacts, fee structures, loan programs, etc.
  3. Most of these use proprietary databases making data extraction even more problematic.
  4. Lost data means HMDA, CRA and other compliant reporting issues and considerable re-keying.

Your people won’t have to change again. Your users will already be trained on the Destiny system and won’t need to re-learn a different product. Loan origination professionals like most people dislike change. You won’t have the bother with the extra time, disruption and hassle of converting to a new system. Note: Some additional training may be required on those elements that are not part of DestinyXpress.

You’ll already be implemented. You won’t need to go through another series of setups for the new software other than for those parts that are not included with DestinyXpress.

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