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Run any reports you need quickly and easily within Destiny

“Everyone from our receptionist to President can and does use Destiny. Our President is an avid user—especially of Destiny’s reporting—to quickly monitor virtually anything he wants in our business. INTEGRA is an essential part of our lending business, and we highly recommend them to other lenders.” Read more.
Karen Weiland, Operations Manager
First Equity

Standard and Custom Reporting using Crystal Reports

Although Destiny works with many different report writers, we rely on the rich functionality offered by Crystal Reports and have architected Destiny to internally support the use of the Crystal Reports engine. This allows for reports that were designed by you or by our INTEGRA Client Services Department to be passed through to Destiny. End-users can generate royalty-free reports and analyze any data that has been entered into Destiny.

To further enhance the reporting functionality the parameters of the reports can also be passed to Destiny. This means that a single report can be generated to analyze varying types of data such as: how much did this loan originator produce compared to all of the originators? You can set parameters for any field in the report such as day, month, YTD, branch, region, loan program, loan status, etc. And your reports are secure. Each report can be accessed only by the User Group(s) that is allowed to view them.

Destiny includes a wide array of standard reports and further offers you the flexibility of Crystal Reports Designer to customize any number of additional reports that your staff may require. Our experts will train you how to create any type of management or user report using any of the data in the Destiny.

See examples of a few standard Destiny reports

Pipeline Report by Loan Status
Pipeline Report by Business Channel
Pipeline Report by Loan Program
Pipeline Report by Originating Lender
Locked Loan Report by Loan Status
30-Day Projected Closings Report

More Destiny/Crystal Reports Features:

  • All data fields are accessible in reports including custom data fields.
  • Report creation is simplified with the use of the Crystal Reports Wizard.
  • INTEGRA provides automatic table linking in most cases.
  • Using the Enterprise version of Crystal Reports, reports can be run off hours automatically to someone’s specific printer. Also, reports can be auto-emailed to anyone involved in the loan transaction such as a realtor or builder.
  • Crystal Reports allows for reports to be integrated with your website for controlled access view by your business partners.
  • You can perform sophisticated analytics such as computations on running totals for commission reporting purposes or fallout calculations on pipelines.
  • You can easily share reports with other INTEGRA clients—and vice versa—they are portable.
  • Crystal Reports provides for many reporting formats such as bar chart reporting, pie charts, and tabular reports.
  • Crystal Reports incorporates a powerful data extract tool to merge information into other third party applications like excel.
  • Large clients can run your Crystal Reports off of a separate report server in order to prevent performance issues.
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