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Lead Manager

from lead to prequalification to loan—in ONE loan software enterprise solution

Mortgage lenders thrive on new leads and new business, but most loan origination systems don’t make it very easy to incorporate those leads directly into your software. With Destiny’s Lead Manager function it’s quick and easy for you to grab leads from any source and automatically insert them into your Destiny system…and much more. Now you can get a jump on your competition—even when they have the very same leads:

Easy Lead (prospect) Entry

  • Enter leads purchased (e.g. mailing lists or other lead lists from external or internal sources) with an easy to use wizard-style import utility for your System Administrator.
  • Parse and map your prospect files directly into Destiny (and save import settings for new files from the same source(s).
  • Directly integrate leads via Lending Tree.

Lead Action Trail

  • Customize any loan workflow actions when monitoring, adding and updating information during the loan process—for any individual user or group of users—from lead to prequalification to loan.
  • Enable any users to add their own actions, see open action items from the toolbar, select them, and mark them as complete. These actions can be user selections or system generated. Action items can be anything from “Left a Message,” “Completed Prequalification,” to “Requested Credit.”

Lead Management

  • Group users into “teams.” Team leaders can assign/route leads to specific teams and specific team members. Deliver those leads according to your own criteria, e.g. round robin, x number to each individual per time frame, by territory/geography, etc.
  • Quickly locate leads, add leads, add an action to a lead, modify a lead, or create a prequalification from your “Lead Search” toolbar button.
  • Track and report on the efficiency of each team member to convert their leads to loans.
  • Auto reassign leads to other teams or team members if existing leads aren’t being acted upon in a self- determined time period.

Marketing Campaign Management

  • Set up your own marketing campaigns and channels.
  • Display, sort, and filter the leads in your Destiny system and assign them to campaigns/channels.
  • Export lists for distribution/marketing campaign implementation to email systems, direct mail systems, telemarketing systems, etc.

Competitor Intelligence

  • Press one button on the toolbar to enter/access any known competitor. information—at any point during the prequalification or loan process—for any prospect/customer.
  • Select known competitors from a drop down list or add a new competitor.
  • Save and monitor competitor information for comparison during the loan process.
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