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Document Management

Create and manage your loan documents easily within Destiny—without needing
a 3rd party vendor—and save

Many mortgage lenders are forced to use third party vendors to manage their loan documents. With INTEGRA you have all of the document management capabilities that you’ll need—at no extra cost—included in your Destiny system. Or you can interface to top “DocPrep” vendors for your loan documents.

Document Creation

There are two standard ways of creating mortgage documents, and INTEGRA supports both:

1. The first is through a forms provider such as VMP (now Wolters Kluwer) or Harland GreatDocs. Each of these vendors provides the standard library of lending documents to INTEGRA, which, in turn, data maps and delivers you the documents. These documents support the originating, processing, underwriting and closing of your mortgage loans. Using their forms designs tools, you or INTEGRA can also generate any custom documents that may be needed to complete your document library.

Loan System for Mortgage Loan OriginationThe documents are assigned to your various loan programs based upon the loan status or workflow that the loan is in. For example, when a loan closer pulls up the document list, it is populated with only the documents that the closer needs to see based upon the loan program, property state, or other user definable business logic. The document list is thus created, dynamically. See a screenshot example in Destiny of a Document List.

These documents will automatically have all of the required data pre-populated for easy document preparation in Destiny. If the loan data or loan program changes, the documents will change accordingly. This allows you to control which documents that each set of users will see and further assures that the documents will be prepared properly.

The savings can be enormous when you generate your own documents.

2. The other supported method of document creation is through the use of a document preparation (DocPrep) company. INTEGRA provides interfaces to several DocPrep companies right now and can add others via a MISMO interface. This enables lenders that want someone else to generate their documents—to do so with ease. Our interface sends the loan data to the DocPrep company that, in turn. returns the appropriate documents to Destiny.

Document Imaging…and more

Now it's a breeze to use your own scanner or fax server and then import and save any digital document—within your LOS—versus bothering with paper. Besides providing a robust library of mortgage documents, Destiny includes all of the key document management/document imaging features you’ll need everyday to:

  • Generate images of any type of file or collateral document you need to print as part of the loan package – preview first, or automatically print any image.
  • Import any paper document as an image (in any format you choose: tif, gif, jpg etc).
  • Import any file formats such as Word documents, spreadsheets or others.
  • Associate any file or even fax copy to the loan you are working on to documents that can also be stored and associated with a loan.
  • Store all documents in your central database (or another linked database of choice), including multiple images/iterations of the same document as the data changes.
  • Export — if necessary — any documents from Destiny.
  • Email/fax, securely, any document as a pdf.
  • Track and access the history of all documents, including those with and without signatures. See a screenshot of a Destiny document (with signature) image (Verification of Employment).
  • Embed documents into your workflow to alert users as they go.
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