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Workflow & Pipeline

Monitor and track the workflow—status, tasks, conditions, changes in the system,
etc. — for your own pipeline

Destiny automates every possible mortgage origination workflow step and enables you to monitor and track:

  • borrowers, properties and loans, independently;
  • every document, task, status, conditions related to a specific loan;
  • loan exceptions and discrepancies;
  • all changes made in any field in the system—and much more.

See the workflow for your pipeline, real-time, in your office or remotely. Easily configure your own views and filters and determine how you want your key information displayed on every screen.

Your Pipeline

There are two standard ways of creating mortgage documents, and INTEGRA supports both:

Mortgage Software for Loan OriginationDestiny enables you to select an existing loan to modify or set up a new loan and then flexibly display specific information per loan for an individual(s) or group(s) in your lending business.

For example, Destiny includes the ability to have as many borrowers and property addresses as needed, per loan. Destiny efficiently retrieves particular loans based on a property address or borrower by using “triggers” that tell the database if there are any changes to a particular table. This speeds up the time it takes to retrieve any specified loan.

Your Workflow

Each loan process is divided into a series of statuses, beginning usually with Pre-qualification Status or Loan Entry status. In turn, each status has a unique group of tasks associated with it. This group of tasks is called the “workflow.” The workflow appears on the left side of your screen while you are in Destiny working on a loan. The tasks within the workflow must be completed in order for the loan to move to the next status, ultimately completing the loan. The workflow changes, dynamically, based upon rules that you define per loan status or loan task.

Literally, any and every stage of the loan process is handled in this manner and the beauty is that you can easily modify it. Now each user can have input on the screens or tasks that they need to perform their jobs and the order in which they would like to see them. Post Closers for example can set their unique way of accomplishing their task and their follow ups. Does your lending business have a unique department? If so, no problem—just create a workflow design tailored toward their needs. The whole process only takes minutes.

Have things your way on every screen in Destiny. INTEGRA provides a comprehensive inventory of screens to collect data for any stage of the mortgage process. In fact for many tasks, you may find that you have 3, 4 or more screen options to choose from. Sometimes, individual screens don’t quite match up with your intended use. You can modify many existing screens using our screen design tool.

Required Work Items

Many lenders like to ensure that certain work has been completed by a user before that loan can progress to the next level of loan fulfillment. Destiny provides easy to use functionality to insure that this happens. You can set required fields to be filled in, establish that certain actions must be completed or determine that certain conditions must be satisfied before a loan can move on. If the user tries to escalate the loan without satisfying these items, Destiny will prompt them to complete them

For example, let’s say that a loan officer was required to collect the borrower’s drivers license number, order a credit report and get the 1003 signed before a loan can be put into process. The system can automatically alert that user of the missing items or conditions. In addition to the alert, the loan officer can see these action items appear in the daily work queue.

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