Loan Origination Software from INTEGRA Software SystemsLoan Software for Mortgage Loan Origination  

Secondary Marketing

a full range of post closing and servicing functions in your mortgage software:

    Loan System for Mortgage Loan Origination
  • Commitment Formation and Tracking
  • Trades Set-up & Maintenance
  • Warehouse Tracking
  • Loan Servicing
  • MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System)
  • Unfunding of Loans

Other highlighted Secondary Marketing functionality includes:

  • Assignment of loans as commitments, pools, and packets to enable selling subsections within a commitment.
  • Best execution and delivery of pooled loans to Midanet, Mornet or GinnieNet.
  • Rate dissemination.
  • Locking loans on the system and securing key fields.
  • Customizable pipeline management reporting and management of trades.
  • Branch level pricing, risk based pricing, profitability and fallout analyses, and market-to-market and position summaries.
  • Complete MERS imbedded in the system.
  • Full tracking (and reporting) of multiple warehouse banks and lines and their allocated loans with user defined criteria.
  • Payment processing and administration while loans are residing in the warehouse bank.
  • Standard servicing functions including payment processing, statement generation, escrow disbursement and investor reconciliation.
  • Construction lending.
  • Tracking unfunded loans.
  • Support of lock requests and confirmations with auto-notification capabilities utilizing your choice of lock screens.
  • Built-in controls to manage lock expirations, renegotiations, and extensions.
  • Investor specific products and pricing can be maintained via the Product Manager.
  • Managing pricing to the “street” leveraging unlimited rules for pricing adjustments via the Product Manager.
  • Web-based loan registrations for immediate feedback to brokers and consumers alike making product and pricing options available 24/7.
  • Interim servicing that allows for payment collection, escrow disbursements, fee allocations and payoff analysis.
  • Generation of payment coupon and late notices via batch reporting.
  • Support of year-end 1098 reporting of interest requirements.
  • Reconciliation of fees for the loan sale between lender, warehouse bank and investor via the loan sale reconciliation task; all fees can be associated to their appropriate G/L for proper accounting.
  • Management of the various “wet” and “dry” warehouse bank’s lines of credit with auto-notification when lines are about to be exceeded.
  • Manage both individual and bulk loan sales via the commitment formation.
  • Trade maintenance area allows for managing the many to many relationships between trades and commitments with full support of trade “pair-offs.”
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