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Security is a critical component of the Destiny mortgage software

A high level of security should be a prerequisite in any LOS, but it’s less than adequate in many systems. Destiny provides maximum security for you and your clients—and maximum flexibility to determine your own security access levels. Destiny’s security starts with built-in NT authentication and provides up to 256-bit encryption. You can be confident that your Destiny applications and information (data, emails, reports and other documents) can be secured according to the standards set by your company. And you’ve got the flexibility to ensure security per user or group(s) of users (including third parties such as brokers) at whatever level of Destiny information is needed for those users.

Your business defines its own security access levels at the-

  • User Level
  • Status Level
  • Screen Level
  • Field Level

See an example screenshot for Destiny’s Field Level Security

Your system administrator controls a wide range of authentication features in Destiny, e.g.-

  • Automatic logins can be restricted
  • After a maximum of x unsuccessful attempts to enter a password
    1. The account can be suspended until reset by the system administrator
    2. The account will be locked out after x failed login attempts within an x minute period
    3. The network administrator must unlock an account prior to the user attempting to login again
  • Lockouts are automatically reported
  • Access to look up passwords
  • Passwords expirations can be set for x days
  • User connections can be automatically logged out of the system after x time of inactivity
  • Password characters (type, length, and strength) are determined by the System Administrator
  • Visual display of passwords is masked

Note that your Destiny system administrator is trained by INTEGRA to create security controls of your menus, buttons, drop down lists, etc—down to the field level of detail for individuals, groups, business channels, loan status, and lock-in levels, etc.

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