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Telemarketing made easy within your loan origination system

Loan Management Software from INTEGRATelemarketing is the lifeblood of many mortgage companies to turn prospects into customers. But many mortgage banks, brokers, and other lenders still depend on manual processes for their telemarketing: paper and pencil, non-standard calling practices, and no easy way to incorporate telemarketing information directly into their LOS workflow. That all adds up to gross inefficiencies and lost sales opportunities. Does your LOS provide you a seamless way to telemarket without all of your manual processes and inefficiencies?

Destiny offers an integrated Call Center capability that
enables you to:

  • Customize your own script(s) to collect the same specific information from each (type of)
    prospective customer.
  • Generate user-definable questions that may be unrelated to the mortgage. process (e.g. yes/no responses, drop down lists, and fill in the blank inquiries are examples of prompts that may be generated).
  • Integrate telemarketing data into your other workflow data—and immediately put it to use—but also keep the data segregated if you choose.
  • Retain all telemarketing data in your Destiny loan database—in the event of a loan commitment.
  • Price loans correctly every time using Product Manager, including unique pricing criteria that may be applicable for special broker relationships.
  • Use telemarketing operators who require little training and are not necessarily experienced in the mortgage industry; you provide exactly what you want them to say, and you can even provide a range of scripts for them to handle “pre-canned” objections for your telemarketers to use—to generate more leads and loans.
  • Operate your own call center without having to hassle with finding and paying a pricey subcontractor organization.

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