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remote access from any home office, branch or remote location

Loan Processing Software from INTEGRADoes you mortgage business have multiple locations and/or people out in the field? Destiny lets your loan officers and others work remotely from anywhere else they have an Internet connection and laptop: in their respective branch offices, at home, or with clients—as well as from the main office. Destiny includes web-enabled Point-of-Sale (POS) flexibility so that your laptop users have the same functionality and look-and-feel as personnel in the main office. Besides remote accessibility, Destiny’s web access offers these additional advantages over other alternatives:

  • Access to exactly the same broad range of mortgage software functionality via the web (and not a merely a small subset, as with other so-called “browser-based” systems).
  • Lower price than Citrix or Terminal Mainframe “web-enabling” applications that are not only significantly more expensive but also more difficult to install and maintain.
  • Ease-of-installation—minimal time and effort to install the server side web functionality.
  • Ease-of-deployment—only two clicks of the mouse on the client side.
  • Ease-of-use—no new training needed because Destiny is the looks and works the same on the web or via your office Intranet.
  • Increased scalability—more users and sessions with less hardware requirements and less expense—than the more traditional client server version.
  • Higher performance over lower bandwidth.
  • Secure operation using server security and fully encrypted connections.

Even when you arenít connected to the Internet, you have another alternative to allow you to work on a loan. Destinyís data synching communication utility provides for easy and efficient bi-directional exchange of information with the host system through reliable and efficient database replication. Loan officers can enter new loan information, create documents, upload new loans, pull credit information and underwriting decisions from third parties, and download status, notes, product and pricing information—through dialup or via the Internet.

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