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"INTEGRA really paid off during the 'Re-Fi' mania, especially 2002-2004. Now, we've actually got some time to learn more about the other new things Destiny can do, and we're involved in some new Destiny custom enhancements. So we'll be sure that we're ready for that next major up tick in the industry."
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Al Engel, Executive Vice President, Valley National Bank


Software Development

As mentioned, Destiny “configuration” requires neither software programming skills nor anything more than fundamental training to change your Destiny loan origination system—to make your own adjustments to Destiny. We've designed Destiny so that, typically, 75% of most clients’ “custom” needs can be easily done at the configuration (non-programming) level—after only some initial Destiny training.

But sometimes you may need more substantive additions or modifications to your own Destiny loan origination system: e.g. complex screens, custom fields, forms and documents, business rules, web/html pages, interfaces, etc. There are few limits to what you can decide to customize within Destiny.

If you have the IT programming staff and want to make these customizations yourself, INTEGRA provides a standard set of powerful (API) tools that enable your developers to handle the more detailed customization needs that you may have. Or if your staff is swamped—or you would simply rather have INTEGRA help you develop and implement other additions to Destiny without adding new FTE’s—we have the experienced mortgage software developers to help in any project. INTEGRA routinely provides the following software development services to our clients:

Custom Development
Software Development Consulting
Custom Development “Head Start”
Investor-specific Product Guidelines
Investor-specific Product Guideline Maintenance

Custom Development

(either on site/off site or both by INTEGRA staff) e.g., wherein INTEGRA develops the custom software—

Custom Business Rules/Formulas
Custom Fees/Formulas
Custom Conditions/Formulas
Custom Status/Formulas
Custom Documents
Custom Screens (complex)
Stand-alone applications

Software Development Consulting

(either on site and/or off site) wherein the client is seeking guidance for their own customization: planning their project and identifying best approaches/issues before the software goes live:

Custom Project Design
Custom Design Review
Custom Code Evaluation
Custom Development projects
Scheme Training

Custom Development “Head Start”

INTEGRA provides a list of custom development projects on our web site. Clients can review projects and determine the minimum purchase of development hours required for a similar project. These hours are spent modifying the project to fit the client’s custom needs

Investor-specific Product Guidelines

INTEGRA provides the current guidelines for specified investors and products. The client then maintains these guidelines in their system, but this gives them a starting point for ongoing maintenance.

Investor-specific Product Guideline Maintenance

This requires that the client purchase investor specific product guidelines. INTEGRA maintains these guidelines for the client on a monthly basis.

Any custom work done by INTEGRA is fully supported and kept in compliance—and is often subsequently rolled out to the full INTEGRA client base.

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