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"We like the fact that we can do our own in-house custom work, but we've also asked INTEGRA to do a number of custom projects involving such things as enhanced security features, additions to the interim servicing, and a new lock screen that was specifically designed for our business."
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Stuart Smith, Manager of Software Development, K. Hovnanian American Mortgage


Implementation & Training

We make a promise to each of our clients that:

1) your implementation will be customized to meet your exact needs,
2) you will fully understand the key components of Destiny (the ones you want to use) at the completion of all training,
3) your implementation will be handled in a professional manner with the utmost of attention,
4) your implementation will be completed on time and in accordance with our mutually agreed to project plan, and
5) all costs will be clearly spelled out and defined in advance…no surprises.

There is always more to know and learn, but our initial implementation and training provides a strong foundation for each client to comfortably move to their new LOS. Each new INTEGRA client receives a comprehensive package of implementation and training services—a portion of which is always provided on site—and includes the following:

Mortgage Software for Loan OriginationBusiness Analyst Servicing
System Analysis
Data Entry
Crystal Report Development
Training: System Administration
End User Training & Train the Trainer

Business Analyst Servicing

An Integra Business Analyst will work with your staff to analyze your business and make recommendations on how Destiny can help streamline current and future business activities to better meet your current and ongoing business objectives.


Configuration requires neither software programming skills nor anything more than fundamental training to change your Destiny system—to make your own adjustments to Destiny. We've designed Destiny so that, typically, 75% of most clients’ “custom” needs can be easily done at the configuration level — after only some initial Destiny training. Read more.

System Analysis

INTEGRA will examine your current processes—with our combination of industry experience, system knowledge and best-practices from our clients — assist you with recommendations on streamlining your transition to Destiny.  We recognize that transitioning to a new LOS requires a great deal of thought and preplanning and that’s why our System Analysis can be so vital to the process of deployment.  From making recommendations of how best to fit your existing workflows into Destiny…to evaluating the need for custom enhancements, our System Analysis is designed to make Destiny fit the needs of your organization for today and years into the future.

Data Entry

Typically, a lender will have thousands to tens of thousands of disparate pieces of data, including business contacts, investor guidelines and products offered.  INTEGRA can take the guess work, tedium and man-hours out of entering this data into Destiny to make it your own.  Our staff can enter all of your necessary data into Destiny, make sure that it is in the right place and work without the hassle of tying up your valuable mortgage resources.

Crystal Report Development

Although Destiny works with many different report writers, we rely on the rich functionality offered by Crystal Reports and have architected Destiny to internally support the use of the Crystal Reports engine. Our Destiny product includes a wide array of standardized reports and further offers you the flexibility of Crystal Reports Designer to customize any number of additional reports that your staff may require. Our experts will train you how to create any type of management or user report using any of the data in Destiny.

Training: System Administration

One of the elements that sets Destiny apart is the flexibility and power that the system offers. Most of our initial training is focused on training the individual(s) who will be in charge of administering the Destiny system. With the landscape of today’s lending industry moving at an ever-changing pace, it is essential to have your staff possess the knowledge it takes to optimize your system to meet your business demands. Our knowledgeable staff will teach your designated System Administrator how to accomplish all of the day-to-day work necessary to keep you ahead of the competition. Whether it is adding, deleting or changing users, setting up system security, or keeping multiple servers up and running, we will give you the knowledge to always keep ahead of the competition. Integra’s System Administration Training gives your staff the inside track to being as proficient and productive as possible for your business.

End User Training & Train the Trainer

We provide on site training to both end user individuals—loan officers, processors, underwriters, and others—who will be using Destiny on a regular basis. Typically, this is a core group to start. Then we also provide specialized “train the trainer” training—so that the system administrator and/or others can train additional end users.

Implementation Time & Cost

Implementations vary in length based upon the unique needs of each client. Generally the larger the client, the more complex their business model will be. With complexity comes additional time requirements and increased costs. Since Destiny is not an off-the-shelf, shrink-wrapped product, the application needs to be modified to meet your needs. In some cases, new clients take the application “out-of-the-box”, thus reducing their implementation time and costs. Most clients try to leverage the extensive functionality that Destiny offers and configure it to match up with their business model needs. In all cases, the cost of these services is quite reasonable based upon competing products that don’t even match the robust functionality of Destiny.

Additional Implementation & Training Services from INTEGRA

In addition we provide subsequent implementation and training services (billed at predetermined hourly rates):

System Efficiency Reviews
INTEGRA implementation staff review existing setups on site and make recommendations based upon our experience with other implementations—in order to improve overall utilization of Destiny.

System Reconfiguration
INTEGRA staff will assist clients in re-configuring any part of their system to better fit client business processes and needs.

Follow-up Training
Additional training is provided to 1) clients that were not ready to implement specific Destiny functions/features of the software prior to going living 2) to clients that want to develop more depth of knowledge of the complete Destiny system or 3) clients who have experienced turnover and need new staff trained.

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